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December 1, 2021by Alyssa Villamil0

Many people find it difficult to sleep when the nights become warmer and the sun sets later. Someone you know is probably not getting enough sleep, which can have major consequences for their health.

For most people who are sleep-deprived, a good night’s sleep is the best present of all—but sadly, a ‘good night’s sleep’ in itself isn’t available for purchase this Christmas season. However, there are related sleep gifts that can help you obtain a better night’s sleep and perhaps, bring those eight hours of sleep.

Sleep gifts commemorate the wonder of a good night’s sleep and getting a good night’s sleep. Continue reading to find your ideal gift for anyone who has been tossing and turning while they should be getting the sleep they need.


According to research, people who have difficulty sleeping are more likely to stress and worry before going to bed. These unwanted thoughts can cause tension and anxiety, making people feel tense, when all they want is to relax. Encouraging them to write before night can enhance their sleep quality, increase their bedtime, and even lower stress.


The key to a good night’s sleep is comfort. It’s practically hard to obtain a perfect sleep if you keep tossing, turning and struggling to get comfortable. Perhaps the issue is that you’re not wearing the proper sleepwear. This holiday, why not try to give your family and friends a sleepwear that is comfortable enough to get that sleep. Just make sure to check on their size before buying it.

Sleep Mask

Exposure to artificial light lowers melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone, which can result in sleeping problems or disorder like insomnia. Light can also interfere with your internal biological ‘clock,’ which helps regulate your sleep-wake cycles.

Consider adding a sleep mask in your gift list to assist them in getting a better night’s sleep by filtering out artificial light and assisting in hormone balance.


Sleeping with a blanket can help us manage with our lower nocturnal core body temperatures. It also raises serotonin and melatonin levels in our brain, which aids in relaxation and sleep. Aside from these comfortable blankets, you may also consider the weighted ones.

Many people also find that adding a weighted blanket to their sleep routine helps them stay calm and reduces their stress. Weighted blanket are often filled with weighted sand and give you a comforting sense of being gently held. Many people find these blankets help them doze off more quickly by promoting a sense of security.


Do you want to give back the love to your parents or grandparents? Giving a mattress is an excellent way to help them get the rest they require. But before buying that mattress, make sure they are involved in every stage of the process so that they acquire the mattress that will enhance their day-to-day life.

Check if they experience a lot of sleep pains at night, or you can bring them to our showroom so they can test out the mattress type, comfort level, and size that fits them best.

Adjustable Bed

One way to get the best night’s sleep possible is by sleeping on an adjustable bed. Make your gift a whole-package by also giving them a new bed frame.

As one of the leading providers of ‘Therapeutic Sleep Systems’, our range of adjustable beds are designed to offer the ultimate comfort, and support during sleep. When you sleep on one of our adjustable beds, you’re guaranteed a peaceful and refreshing night’s sleep.

These holiday gift ideas above can help your loved ones get that sweet sleep they’ve been looking for. If you think this is not yet enough, you can always booked them with our SleepHive Sleep Consultants so they can better understand their sleep health and what do they need.

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