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December 14, 2021by Alyssa Villamil0

Getting through the day can be difficult because of back pain; and what’s worse, it can also make getting a good night’s sleep harder. It might be difficult to find a comfortable position in which to sleep. You may even be unable to get in and out of bed without experiencing pain.

When it comes to back pain, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Not only may pain occur anywhere along the spine or in the muscles that surround it, but it can also vary greatly in severity and frequency. Your lower back bears the majority of the body’s weight and is essential to all actions. It affects movement and comfort whether you’re standing, sitting, walking, or lying down. Given the lower back’s intricacy and our reliance on it, it’s no wonder that it’s a primary source of discomfort and pain.

For someone who suffers from back pain, you can understand how difficult it can be—trying to get a rest to relieve body pains but can’t get the sleep you need because of back pain.

Choosing the Right Bed

A good bed should respect the size, shape and specific needs of the person sleeping on it. Some beds and mattresses can heighten back pain by putting undue weight on vulnerable areas. Adjustable beds, on the other hand, are among the finest beds designed to alleviate back pain and can help with a wide range of medical ailments.

Adjustable bed designs may differ, but most allow the user to incline and elevate or lower the upper body and legs. By taking much of the weight off the back, this stance can help reduce back pain.

How SleepHive's Adjustable Bed can help you

We are proud to have helped thousands of Australians suffer less from their aches, pains and ailments, enjoy faster physical recovery from sports and age related issues. As one of the leading providers of ‘Therapeutic Sleep Systems’, our range of electric adjustable beds are not only designed and manufactured with quality in mind, but they offer the ultimate in luxury, comfort, and support.

Sleeping on a bed that can be inclined has various advantages versus sleeping on a fixed flat mattress with normal bed frame. Aside from our incline feature, we make getting into and out of bed safer and easier with our horizontal lift function.

On top of our incline and lift feature, our sleep systems provide a Whole-Body Vibration Therapy function that helps relieve back pain by transmitting a vibration stimulation throughout the body for the purpose of improving physical health.

We also offer a wide range of SleepHive mattresses that holds different firmness scales and have undergone extensive development and testing to ensure you the best quality sleep possible.

Here’s what SleepHive can offer you:

Take our quick sleep health test to help you find out about your sleeping habits and better understand your sleep patterns.
It's very broad to say that you're having back pains when you sleep that's why we're here to help you understand more about your sleep problems and give you our best advice on our sleep solutions. Talk with our SleepHive Sleep Consultants and know more about your sleep health.
Visit our Gold Coast Showroom and test which mattress you need. Aside from that, you can get a chance to check all other sleep systems that might help you and family.

SleepHive sleep systems are defined by their enduring quality. Go to sleep each evening in a bed that looks and feels the way you bought it. Know more about our sleep systems below.

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