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Sleep Hive for Better Sleep

Getting proper quality sleep is one of the most important, and simplest, things we can do to keep our mind and body fresh. For a healthy sleep, we require a peaceful environment, a clean and comfortable bed, and good ventilation. But, even if we have all three of the top 3 sleep hygiene points ticked, a poor quality mattress can detract and affect our sleep badly.

If the mattress is not of sufficient quality, old, or damaged you can suffer from unnecessary pain. Sleep Hive offers several class 1 medical devices solutions which may help you get adequate sound sleep to solve this problem. Sleep Hive’s various ranges of adjustable beds, mattresses and luxury recliner lift chairs with several qualities that give comfort and relieve your body pain.

Here are some of the best Class 1 medical devices and solutions Sleep Hive offers, for better sleep.

Different Ranges of Therapeutic Beds

A comfortable bed is an important part of our sleep. There are various types of beds available with various features such as a head recliner. But Sleep Hive has gone ahead to make your sleeping experience more comfortable and peaceful.

We offer different ranges of beds for our customers. Our adjustable beds and sleep systems include the following features:

  • Remote Control

Sleep Hive’s sleep systems are of the highest quality and comfort levels. Rigorously tested, one of the key features customers enjoy is an easy to use remote control, allowing full control and movement at the press of a button. You don’t need to get up from your sleep to adjust your bed every time.

Easily set the height and foot elevations of the bed, either choose a pre-set position or program your remote control with your favourite bed position for better sleep. In dual or split systems, rest easy knowing with the silent movement feature you can adjust your position without disturbing your partner.

  • Glide Feature

This feature is exclusively available in our beds that provide therapeutic advantages. The Freedom Plus Collection of Sleep Hive comes with an adjustable feature for both head and foot. Adjusting your position can help to improve your sleep quality if you are suffering from sleep-related disorders or respiratory issues.

This glide feature ensures your bed remains in position, and does not move away from the wall.

Revitalife Cloud Luxury Collection
  • Vibration Therapy

If you are suffering from Insomnia or having difficulty sleeping, then the Cloud Luxury Collection by Sleep Hive may be the best option for you. The Cloud Luxury sleep system is specifically designed to support you in improving your sleep quality.

The adjustable bed is enabled with whole body vibration technology which is shown to improve your blood circulation. In addition, the whole body vibration can often help to soothe your body pain so you can sleep peacefully.

  • Consume Low Power

Your Sleep Hive adjustable bed will require electricity for adjusting and activating whole body vibration. It is important to be aware, as there are so many medical devices that require high power voltage that can affect your electricity bill.

With this in mind, every therapeutic bed by Sleep Hive consumes minimum power as you don’t need to worry about the electricity bills when you are sleeping!

  • Incredible Weight Control

Sleep Hive adjustable beds are tested to hold weight up to 180 kilograms. Made with premium quality steel, the adjustable bed frame is specifically designed to better support you. In Sleep Hive’s Dual and Split systems, you and your partner are supported throughout your sleep, easily adjusting and switching modes independently.

The comfortable mattresses evenly distribute weight, helping reduce pain in your body so you can sleep better.

  • Mattresses

If you want are looking for a comfortable mattress, then you are at the right place. Sleep Hive offers medium-soft, medium and medium-firm mattresses, all hypo-allergenic and dust-mite-resistant that easily support your body.

We are proud of our mattresses and believe that sleeping on these mattresses will help rest easy and sleep better!

Comfortable Recliner Chairs

Along with the super-comfy beds, Sleep Hive also has a range of recliner chairs. All Sleep Hive recliner lift chairs include features that reduce your stress and give full relaxation to your body. You can set your position accordingly that provides the best position for your spine and lower limbs.

Sleep Hive recliner lift chairs provide therapeutic benefits, helping to soothe aches and pains in your body through a combination of Celliant Fibre Technology and whole body vibration. Whether you are suffering from back pain, injury, or just want to relax, the Sleep Hive Haven Recliner Lift Chair may provide you the support you need.

  • Comfortable Body Vibrations

Similar to Sleep Hive adjustable beds, Haven Recliner Lift Chairs are also equipped with whole body vibration therapy. You can just adjust your seating and enjoy the light vibration massage in the comfort of your living room. The comfortable light vibration massage can assist with improvements to circulation and ultimate relaxation.

If you are working from home or mainly working while sitting on your chair, using a recliner chair with vibration therapy after a long day can assist. Constantly sitting in one place can be harmful to the body. This chair may help you achieve comfort and relaxation.

  • Automatic Timer

You can also set the timer according to your preference for vibration therapy. In this way, you will be able to control the amount of pressure and time for your massage. You can just sit on the chair and get a full vibration massage according to your time.

Getting a 10-15 minutes massage for your body will give you the best sleep. The automatic timer will help you to keep track and consume less energy as well.

  • Silent Head and Foot Recline

The Haven Recliner Lift Chair by Sleep Hive is designed carefully to give you the proper position while sitting. The adjustable head and foot recliner makes it turn into a couch where you can rest peacefully.

One of the main features is that it is spacious and it doesn’t make any sound while changing the positions. Thus, you can easily rest or read your books or daily work accordingly.
  • Comfortable material

It is available in various colors and fabrics which you can choose as per your preferences. The chair is best for the treatment and diagnosis of any injury and disability. So, the comfortable phone doesn’t put much pressure on your body like other recliner chairs.

It gives a cozy and cloudy feeling that puts you into a deep sleep and improves blood circulation in your body. They are available in different colors which you can choose and order from the website.

These are some extremely comfortable beds and chairs that are scientifically designed. Sleep Hive aims to provide you with an efficient medical device that helps to put your body to sleep.

Happy Sleeping!

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