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April 29, 2017by Michelle Adams0

Sleep Hive Promotes OXYGN8 Celliant Apparel! Sleep Hive, the award-winning Australian provider of therapeutic sleep systems, is pleased to announce its partnership with OXYGN8, the maker of Celliant technology-based apparel and accessories that promote increased performance, faster recovery and better sleep by recycling the body’s released energy. As part of the collaboration, Sleep Hive will sell OXYGN8 products at its online store coming soon.

Sleep Hive and OXYGN8 are two brands that share a common thread — the Celliant infrared bre, a revolutionary and patented textile medium with proven wellness benefits. Sleep Hive sells a wide range of therapeutic systems that combine Celliant with another breakthrough innovation, such as the Cloud Luxury Therapeutic Sleep System. Both brands thus share the aim of helping sports athletes, senior citizens and everyday Australians derive the maximum from their apparel and sleep systems.

Sleep Hive has been helping thousands of Australians get a better night’s sleep and often reduce their body aches, pains and ailments, and speed up recovery from sports and age-related issues. With OXYGN8 onboard, we will together promote technical clothing and sleeping solutions for overall well-being of our customers,” says Sleep Hive CEO, Clive van Deventer.

“OXYGN8 is very excited to be collaborating with Sleep Hive in this space” says OXYGN8 co-founder and CEO Graeme Clarke, “by giving the customer access to a technical clothing range to further enhance their health is cutting edge thinking by Sleep Hive”. Sleep enhancing products from Sleep Hive include adjustable beds, recliner lift chairs and sleep systems with features such as wholebody vibration therapy. With Celliant and Tri-Cloud technology, customers enjoy the therapeutic benefits of two Class 1 medical devices that reduce pressure on body joints and spine and increase circulation, producing a restful and rejuvenating sleep. OXYGN8 is part of Australian based PROJECT clothing, which offers retail and sporting apparel and technical clothing for local and international sports teams and athletes. OXYGN8 apparel is made with Celliant embedded, a fibre that recycles the body’s released energy to bring about an increase in thermal energy, oxygen levels and blood ow, and thus assisting in more energy, better performance and faster recoveries.

Sleep Hive is a family-owned Australian company specialising in luxury therapeutic medical devices. We proudly help around 30,000 Australians each year, and we pride ourselves on industry-leading technology and industry-leading service combined with well-trained friendly and professional staff who are ready to assist you or your loved one. Give us a call today to see how we may be able to help. For more information, please visit:

About OXYGN8
OXYGN8 clothing is designed and developed in Australia by sportswear innovator PROJECT clothing. The OXYGN8 range of wearable technology contains Celliant Infrared technology imbedded in comfortable fabrics which helps the wearer Recharge, Recover and Relax. Find out more at

Michelle Adams

Michelle is Sleep Hive Media Relations and Marketing Lead. Passionate about supporting customers improve their lives through delivery of quality products, Michelle has been a part of the Sleep Hive team since 2018. Contact Michelle for Press or Media enquiries. E: [email protected]

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