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January 12, 2022by Alyssa Villamil0

We all understand the need of personal space at night, but mattress size is sometimes disregarded when it comes to having a good night’s sleep. Did you know that we spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping? In bed, roughly a sixth of the time is spent watching TV or browsing through the internet. Overall, most people will spend half of their lives sleeping, or lying, on their mattresses.

Size is important when it comes to mattresses. While sleeping close to your husband or wife is crucial, you also need adequate space to settle into a deep, peaceful sleep- so you can wake up feeling invigorated and ready for the day ahead.

What Should You Consider When Choosing Your Mattress Size?

Given how much time we spend sleeping—or should spend sleeping—we believe mattress buyers should consider what works best for them depending on the space they have and the space they need.
Size and Height of your Body
The mattress size is important, but so is the size of the sleeper. If the average Australian man is 5'9" or 176cm tall, his feet may hang over the edge of the bed if mattress size is not noted when purchasing one. It's also important to consider your individual sleeping patterns. Some people sleep curled up, while others stretch out. The extra space allows you to stretch out and find the most comfortable sleep position.
Sleep Partner
If you have a sleep partner, whether it's your husband, wife, or overly attached pet, having enough space on the bed for both of you is important; running into each other all night or simply having someone else roll over onto your side can interrupt your sleep and greatly disturb the rest of the night.
Bedroom Size
If your bedroom is small, a huge bed might make it feel claustrophobic and unpleasant. Choosing the proper mattress size can provide you with the extra space you require to move and breathe.
Mattress Height
You may get mattresses as thin as 6 inches and as thick as 16 inches, all of which are tailored to meet your specific needs. If the mattress is on the higher side, some may find it difficult to get out of bed. However, if you chose a mattress on the thinner side, it may cause you back pains and may affect your sleep quality

SleepHive Mattress Sizes

Below are the SleepHive mattress sizes available in all of our collections. Read below to know more which mattress size best fits your needs.
Adult Single: 92cm (W) x 203cm (L)
Our Adult Single mattress is our smallest mattress size measuring 92cm x 203cm. This can be a perfect choice for your young kids who tends to move around while they are sleeping.
King Single: 107cm (W) x 203cm (L)
Our King Single mattress is best for those single sleepers who wants more room for movement when sleeping. This can be ideal for teenagers and full-grown adults living or sleeping alone in their room.
Double: 138cm (W) x 187cm (L)
The Double bed mattress measuring in at 138cm x 187 cm is about 46cm wider compared to our Adult Single, however 16cm shorter compared to the rest of our mattresses. This is a great option for older kids who have outgrown their Adult Single bed. They can easily sleep two smaller people, yet if you move about a lot in your sleep, your sleep partner may not like the size of the bed.
Queen: 152cm (W) x 203cm (L)
Dual Queen: 152cm (W) x 203cm (L)
One of the most common bed sizes in the world is the Queen bed. It is large enough to comfortably accommodate two sleepers, providing each one plenty of room to toss and turn about and adjust while yet allowing you to be close enough to cuddle. This bed size is ideal for single sleepers who wants plenty of room to move about or have their pets sleep with them on occasion.
King: 184cm (W) x 203cm (L)
Dual King: 184cm (W) x 203cm (L)
The King bed is ideal for couples who want plenty of sleeping space while still having plenty of room for other activities like resting in a comfortable, stretched-out position. It's 72 × 80 cm in size, which is almost as big as two Adult Single beds put together. It's also the perfect size for houses with larger rooms or for individuals who share their bed with a child or a pet.
California King: 214cm (W) x 203cm (L)
Our California King bed is the widest size you can possibly get in our selection. It measures 214 x 203cm and is the ideal bed for those who need more width. It can give you and your partner a more optimal room for just about anything. Surprisingly, there’s enough room for a third person to sleep in.

When shopping for a new mattress, keep in mind that size does important. Finding your ideal mattress might be difficult with so many options available, but SleepHive is here to help you make the best decision possible.

You may browse our mattress selections here or speak with one of our Sleep Consultants to locate the best mattress for you.

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