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Get to know your Cloud bed

The exciting new Cloud Luxury Therapeutic Sleep System range of advanced Adjustable Beds and Therapeutic Beds is expertly engineered and offers modern innovation with a touch of class.

The Sleep Hive Cloud Luxury range of technologically advanced Adjustable Beds and Therapeutic Beds provides the benefits of independent foot elevation in addition to pre-set sleeping positions on your wireless remote or tablet giving you complete individualised comfort each and every night.

The pre-set Zero G and Semi-Fowler positions provide total body support and perfect spinal alignment that distributes body weight evenly to allow optimum rest and recovery throughout the night.

The inclusion of gentle Whole-Body Vibration Therapy in your sleep system ensures you receive the benefits of increased circulation throughout your body with the touch of a button to promote better health and an overall sense of increased well-being.

The very best in advanced technological features such as Celliant technology exclusive to Sleep Hive, wireless remote control and tablet connectivity, Tri-Cloud mattress technology, wall hugging smooth glide movement, CoolBalance memory foam, all provides peace of mind allowing you to invest in the comfort and luxury that you deserve.

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