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About your mattress

1. How do I remove the mattress cover
Both the Cloud Luxury and freedom Plus Mattress’ has removable covers. The mattress cover consists of two parts, the top and bottom. Simply flip your mattress and locate the zipper and slide along the track to separate the two parts.

2. Can I use an electric blanket?
Yes, Electric blankets can be used but only on a very low setting. We do not recommend using electric blanket on a high heat over extended periods of time as it may damage the mattress.

3. Can the memory foam mattress be washed?
The Memory foam cannot be washed, but the mattress cover can be removed and washed separately.

4. Can I use flip the mattress over?
To take full advantage of the properties of the cooling gel and memory foam layer, your mattress can only be turned head to foot, and not upside down. We recommend doing so every 3 months for peak comfort.

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