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Can I put an electric blanket on my adjustable bed

Yes. You can use an electric blanket with any of our adjustable beds. It will not interfere in any way with the motions or functionality of the bed.

If you’re considering purchasing an electric blanket, they can be a great addition to your bed and could give you an even better night sleep. You can use them to warm up your bed before getting into it or while you’re in your bed to keep a consistent temperature while sleeping.

What is an Electric Blanket?

An electric bedspread or throw is a blanket made from heavy, sturdy material with an internally integrated wiring system that provides warmth and heat through coil wires. These blankets generally plug into your electrical outlet and can be set on different levels of heat. The majority of electric linens are made from a combination of polyester and acrylic material. This blend prevents potential fire hazards while being interwoven enough to trap and maintain warmth.

Most common brands offer blankets with at least three heat levels – low, medium and high. Electric bedspreads that are made for a double or king-sized bed (two people) might come with adjustable heat levels on each side.

The level of heat is controlled through an attached remote that can change the level of heat through the flick of a button.

How Does an Electric Blanket Work?

An electric cover has a series of interconnected coil wires protected by a plastic heat-resistant coating that once engaged or plugged into your electrical outlet, provides a steady source of heat while using 120V of electricity. The wires heat to the desired temperature and can be used before bed or during sleep. Some people prefer to use electric linen to heat the bed only, and others might prefer to use it throughout the night.


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