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How to link two bases to one remote

How do I link two bases to one remote?
The remote is out of sync and will need to be programmed re-synced to the bed. The following instructions are model specific please identify your bed’s hardware prior to proceeding to avoid convenience

V2 Model Blue screen remote and Grey control box (mounted under the bed)
I. Flip the bed over to access the underside.

II. Find the Grey control box and dismount it from its bracket and ensure all the connectors are secure.

III. Press and hold the small black button on the side of the control box for 5 seconds

IV. On your remote, Press and hold flat for 5 seconds to engage pairing mode

V. Then hover the remote over the control box and run it in a ∞ motion from top to bottom across the surface of the Grey control box and overlapping as you work your way down.


VI. The remote’s screen will flash blue when you are close to the pairing sweet spot.

VII. You hear an audible Beep, indicating a successful pairing.

V3 Model Large LCD Display remote and long rectangular black control box (mounted below the bed)

I. Turn the power off from the wall socket for the base you’d like to program, and wait 10
seconds and turn the power switch back on.

II. Within 20 seconds of powering the bed back on, press and hold HEAD UP and FOOT UP
simultaneously on the remote you’d like to program.

III. You will hear a audible faint Beep indicating the successful sync

IV. Repeat the same for the other base if remote is not already paired

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