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My bed remote is not responding

My bed is not responding to the remote button pushes, what can I do?
There is a variety of reasons why this problem may have occurred, please follow the following steps
to diagnose the bed and pinpoint the issue;

1) Ensure that the bed’s power cord is plugged to the wall socket and the power switch of
the wall socket is switched to he ON position. If you are using a power board with power
surge protection, Make sure the power surge button on the power board has not been

2) If the bed is still unresponsive, then trace the power cord back to the power pack located
beneath the bed. Ensure that both the power cord as well as the control box cord are
connected to the power pack.

3) Find the green LED on the power pack, if the Greenlight is not illuminated then that
means the power pack has failed and will need to be replaced, Please contact us on 1800
616 061 to resolve.

4) If a green light is illuminated on the power pack; A very rare occurrence but the issue is
the remote is out of sync and will need to be programmed re synced to the bed. The
instructions to do so are as follows;

i. Turn the power off from the wall socket, and wait 10 seconds and turn the switch
back on.

ii. Within 20 seconds of powering the bed back on, press and hold HEAD UP and FOOT
UP on the remote simultaneously.

iii. You will hear an audible faint Beep indicating the successful sync.

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