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Other Bed Tips

My Bed has USB ports, but one side is not working?
Check the control box mounted beneath the bed and ensure all the connectors are secure.

Can I turn the power off from the wall when the bed is not used?
Yes, You can shut the power off to the bed for as long as you’d like. The bed will not fall out of sync nor will it forget any custom settings you have programmed.

How can I adjust the legs?
At its standard height, the base with the cloud mattress is 63cm high, and with freedom mattress is 58cm high. If you feel it is too high, you can lower the bed by flipping it on its side and taking off the plastic cap at the base of the leg and unscrewing the lower leg section. Be sure to put the plastic cap back on the leg still attached to the bed to avoid damaging your floor. Which will drop the height by 7.5cm/3 inch.

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