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Sleep Hive Sleep Booklet

Sleep Hive is a company dedicated to one thing: improving how Australians sleep.

Like exercise and good nutrition, sleep is a cornerstone of our health.  Insufficient sleep can impact our health, social life, and independence, making each day a challenge.

That’s why, since 2004, we’ve invested in extensive research and development to find the best solutions to Australia’s sleep problems.  We believe managing bad sleep starts with the basics – the bed you lie on for roughly 2,912 hours per year.

Using technologies like Celliant, whole-body vibrational therapy, and adjustable sleep systems, we’ve elevated the experience of sleep to a new level of comfort.

Our signature mattress features a layer of Celliant, a medical textile that increases local circulation and improves sleep quality.  Our sleep systems are also fully adjustable, improving comfort and accessibility for people with joint problems, fluid retention, and respiratory conditions.

Guided by our Clients Are Really Everything (CARE) philosophy, we’ve spent the past 18 years searching for the best mattress solutions.

So wherever your sleep journey takes you, we’ll be there to support you, because everyone deserves a good night’s sleep.

Clive van Deventer

Chief Executive Officer

Sleep Hive

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