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Chair Instructions

Congratulations on your purchase!

Your new Therapeutic Lift Chair with massage is going to bring you a new lease on life.

Please see the following simple instructions to aquaint you with its use.


Using the Massage Function

We recommend using the massage function at least three (3) times a day. Use first when you get out of bed in the morning to get your blood circulating, again in the afternoon and then before you go to sleep at night.

Product Care & Storage


Before cleaning, switch off and unplug chair from mais power. Use a dilute soapy water to gently clean your upholstery, remotes and cards with a soft cloth. DO NOT harshly rub, soak, use industrial cleaners, iron or remove upholstery. Carefully dry the upholstery by gently wiping with a dry cloth.

Before storing your chair, clean upholstery as instructed. Store your chair in a dry, cool, shaded room away from humidity, high temperature and sunlight.

Frequently Asked Questions

If my home loses power, can I get out of my chair?

The lift chair has a battery backup feature. There is a black ‘power pack’ behind your chair (follow the cable from the wall socket back). There will be a removable battery cover on the underside of the pack. 2 x 9v batteries (square) need to be used to power the chair (not included). Please replace annually, or post emergency use.

Can the Lift Chair be washed?
Yes, the upholstery can be cleaned. Do not use excess water to clean of excess heat to dry. The Lift Chair upholstery cannot be removed.

Can I use lumbar supporting pillow?
Yes, lumbar supporting pillows can be used, but keep in mind the thicker your
pillow, the less you will feel the vibration.

What if I have other enquiries about my Lift Chair?
All other enquiries can be directed to our Customer Care department on 1800 616 061.

Technical Specifications


Standard : 103cm
Max Reclined : 85 cm
Max Lifted – 155cm

Weight : 67kg
Width : 85cm
Max Load Weight : 150kg
Elevating motor max load : 400kg

Elevating motor power
100 – 240v, 50/60hz

Massage System Power
100 – 240v, 50/60hz

AS9NZS 60950.1,
IP20, CE, RoHS, UL Cert

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