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Tips about your chair

1. How do I clean any stains on my chair?
With a clean cloth, dampen with luke warm soapy water and gently scrub off any stains in circular motion, this method is suitable tor both genuine leather and microfibre Haven chairs

2. How can I switch the light on the remote off?
The back light of the remote will stay on for upto 3 mins before automatically switching off.

3. My chair is moving very slowly, why is that so?
When a chair is moving notably slower than usual, That possibly means the chair is running off the power back up. Look to the power pack and see if the green light is illuminated, If not, then that is an indicator there is no power coming to the power pack. Be sure to replace the batteries once the
power is back.

4. I am moving, How can I disassemble the Haven chair?
Both the Genuine leather and Microfibre Haven chairs have a detachable backrest. To detach the back rest, simply pull the metal tabs securing the backrest brackets to the chair base while applying upwards pressure on the back rest.

5. The chair isn’t working at all, how can I get it working again?
Please follow the following steps to diagnose the issue;

i. Ensure the power is switched on at the socket and the power cable is properly inserted to both the power pack and the wall socket.

ii. If the green light on the power pack is not lit, then the issue is due to a faulty power pack.

iii. Trace the auxiliary power extension wire from the power pack back to the back of the chair and inspect the wire and plug for any damage.

If the problem persists, please contact 1800 616 061 to resolve.

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